Organizational intervention

I really appreciated the way Tracy listened to what I said, and understood my emotional items in the office and worked to meet my needs. I am president and founder of two businesses, and I’m absolutely allergic to bookkeeping. I first met Tracy in 2008 when my business partner suggested an office organizational intervention. I took the view that I should spend time doing what I do best, and bring in a professional to help in matters I had not been trained. I have since worked with Tracy on office organizing and getting my businesses setup on QuickBooks.

My businesses have grown rapidly, and operate much more efficiently due to the efforts of Straighten Up, Inc. Tracy is a great listener, and respected the things I wanted in my office to meet my needs. Knowing my books are well kept is comforting and keeps me in tune with my business finances. Because of our working relationship, I am able to worry less about bookkeeping and can go out and do what I do best.

Tracy is professional, intuitive, a quick learner, and a fast worker! She came in and helped me separate my business life from my personal life.

In business, you are judged by the company you keep, and I keep company with other fine business professionals who can help lift each other up!

Diane P.

President and Founder, Your Home Watch Professionals

Moving Help

Thank you SO much for your help! You are very good at what you do and I enjoyed working with you too!

Kimberly S.

Small-business owner. Naples, Florida

Home Office Organized

As an internet marketer who works from home, I knew I could really use someone like Tracy. I met Tracy at a home & garden show in Naples, and after talking with her, I realized she was very intelligent and to the point. I was in the process of moving my office from one bedroom of the house to the other, and had new cabinets put in. Tracy took five years of boxes, books, and files and helped me to organize it into an organized system. I tend to be a pack rat, and she really helped me straighten that up in my home office. She helped me set up ways to throw away things that I wasn’t going to use again, and put things in an organized way that may be useful for future needs.

I also worked with Tracy to switch my bookkeeping system from Quicken to QuickBooks. Uncle Sam loves it, my accountant loves it, and I love it. Everything was pretty amazing; Tracy individualized every transaction for my year-end records. You can tell how everything was spent on each credit card, rather than as just one transaction. The biggest best thing about Tracy is you can trust her with finances. She will take care of your finances like her own, and you do not have to worry. That’s an important quality and trait for someone in her business, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Don S.

Online Marketing Specialist

Studio Office Organized

What a difference a day makes! One day with Tracy at Straighten Up helped me to organize my studio and take my business in a new direction. Thanks Tracy for a job well done!

June T.

Gemstones by June, Naples, Florida

Unpack & Put Away

I hired Tracy to help me unpack and organize 53 boxes that I brought with me from my move to Naples from St. Louis. Half those boxes went to my condo/home and the others to my new office location … and then I had to leave for a week assignment in England!

I knew I didn’t want to come home to the task of unpacking. Tracy was incredible. I left her after a short meeting with just a cursory vision of the office and the condo … and the keys to both places. When I returned, it was a joy to find the office unpacked and organized, with everything SENSIBILY stored in places that made it easy for me to jump right in and start my two businesses!

And my kitchen was incredible … cabinets that had been helter skelter were now also sensibly organized with room to put the new items from St. Louis.

It was such a pleasure to come home that night from England, jetlagged, and NOT see any boxes of my glass art in the living room or kitchen items on the counters. Tracy has incredible energy, great vision for what to do with spaces, and high focus when attacking an organizational project. If you want it done fast, right, and with logical placement…call her NOW!

Sam B.

Consulting Services, Bonita Springs, Florida

Paperwork Management

Thank you so much for all of your help!

I consider myself to be an organized person, but your advice made me see there is always room for improvement.

I really appreciate your professionalism and talent. Working with you was awesome!

Dr. Susan C.

Chiropractic Physician, Carter Chiropractic and Wellness. Naples, Florida.

Whole Home Sort & Purge

I consider myself so very lucky to have found Tracy Colleran and believe she will remain an important presence in my life.

Tracy is reliable, hardworking, and professional. Once a goal is agreed upon, and a plan is made; you will not believe how much is accomplished. Tracy will not only organize your home but before she begins, she takes the time to understand you, her client, and she has an uncanny way of making adjustments depending on any of your requests or limitations.

I have PTST (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Tracy very quickly understood my strengths and weaknesses and made sure to adjust the plan accordingly. She is caring, yet not condescending. She works hard but does not pressure her client at all. The process of organizing my home contributed greatly to my recovery. I gained control over my life as we progressed. I will continue to call Tracy for “check-up” appointments as needed.

Rhoda G.

Naples, Florida

Home Office Organized

Just a note to thank you for helping me organize my office. Before calling you, I could only enter the room, look around and leave. I knew I could organize the space, I just couldn’t get the motivation to do it!

With your help and expertise, it is now a pleasure to work in my home office.

Thanks again, Tracy.

Mary P.

Christine & Taylor, LLC. Naples, Florida.

Home Organized

It was a pleasure having you around the last few weeks to help organize my house.

As I awoke this morning, and went to make coffee, I felt so energized by my neat and tidy home.

I love all the little extra touches that really put order and balance into our house. I would highly recommend you to anyone. It’s amazing how pleasant it is to be in a home that is clutter free.

Thanks for all your help in turning our house into a home.

Monica S.

Naples, Florida

Paperwork Management & QuickBooks Training

Working with Tracy Colleran of Straighten Up gave me some insights into my office habits and filing methods.

She provided me with some great ideas on how to sort and purge my paperwork and newspaper clippings, to simplify and streamline my system for transporting numerous files back and forth between Naples and New England.

I also appreciated her experience and initiative with QuickBooks, since there are many program functions that I was unaware of.

I look forward to working with Tracy again.